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All-Girls Backpacking & Creative Writing Expedition

About the expedition:

  • Where: Olympic National Forest
  • When: August 11-17, 2017
  • Who: Girls in grades 6-9

These strong young women (and future leaders of the world) will set off from Camp Gallagher on a wilderness adventure around the Olympic National Forest to climb, laugh, play and write in the great outdoors.

They'll spend their days hiking, shelter-building, singing camp songs, cooking over an open fire and journaling their unforgettable experiences. Their experienced counselors will guide them from campsite to campsite, encouraging them to get creative with a new writing prompt each day.

This summer's itinerary:

  • Aug 11– Hang out at Camp Gallagher, prepare and get to know each other 
  • Aug 12 – Travel to Lena Lake trailhead, hike to Lower Lena Lake, set up camp
  • Aug 13 – Hike to Upper Lena Lake, set up camp
  • Aug 14 – Day hike to Brother's Base camp from Upper Lena Lake
  • Aug 15 – Hike out all the way to the trailhead, spend night at Lena Creek campground
  • Aug 16 – Travel to Lake Cushman for a day of fun by the lake on way home to Gallagher
  • Aug 17 – Return to Gallagher and share our stories with the rest of camp!
Image by Benjamin Harris via Flickr

Meet Katherine Charters, the Expedition leader

Picture0926151333_1 (1).jpg

Katherine Charters is a lifelong poet and outsdoorswoman with aspirations to leave no space between adventures. A graduate of Gonzaga University (Go Zags!) with a degree in Creative Writing, she continues to write poetry and creative nonfiction in her spare time as she pursues a Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary English. Her freelance work can be found on the blog SolTerra Living, and poetry in Gonzaga University's Reflection.

Katherine enjoys hiking, boating, climbing, and skiing for which she has to thank Camp Gallagher, as a former camper and second-year staff member, and Gonzaga Outdoors, where she served as a Director and Adventure Guide from 2012-2015. Campfires, coffee and cats are her life specialties.