Camper Contract

I agree to conduct myself in such a way that I will be a credit to myself and to Friends of Camp Gallagher.

I understand that:

A. Guns, knives (over 4" blade in length), fireworks, electronic equipment, alcohol, drugs or tobacco of any kind are not allowed at camp.

B. If guns, knives, fireworks, electronic equipment, alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products are brought to camp, they will be collected by the camp director and returned to the parents at the end of the session.

C. The use or possession of any of the above items on the campsite and/or during the travel time to and from camp is cause for immediate dismissal. Parents will be notified and camper sent home immediately.
Camper confirmation *
Camper, please confirm that you agree to the above.
Parent/guardian confirmation *
Parent/guardian, please confirm that you agree to the above.