At Gallagher, campers have the opportunity to live life the way it was meant to be lived. They live in single-gender lodge groups of 10-12 campers. These lodges participate in challenge course initiatives, hiking, arts and crafts, boating, and playing on the beach during the day and come together for whole-camp wide games, sundown, and campfire in the evenings.

Halfway through the week, lodges head out on their one-night overnight. They paddle or sail the south sound, camp under the stars, cook their own food, and set their schedule according to the tides. After relying on their own strength to seek adventure as a lodge, campers return to main camp and rejoin the community, share their experiences, and celebrate the end of the week with a day of whole-camp play, choice activities, and the special Gallagher tradition of potlatch. Whether it’s building a new floating dock or constructing rafts for a tin-can regatta, campers at Gallagher have the opportunity to build and play in the rustic beauty of the south Puget Sound.


When campers come to Gallagher for a high school session, they experience the same freedom and rustic beauty as our middle school campers, with an even greater degree of choice and adventure. On the first day, the oldest campers lead a community meeting. They set the schedule and theme for the week, and decide whether the community wants to partake in a simple meal lunch to raise money for an international relief service organization. As they go about their days – from lemming runs into the Sound before breakfast, to crafts they make for each other, and sailing challenges around the water – campers have the opportunity to play without the distraction of a cell phone, iPod, laptop, or even electricity.

Gallagher’s rustic environment brings out creativity, collaboration, and a resilience, all of which are tested as lodges plan their two night overnights around the Sound. Lodges head out in sailboats, canoes, and kayaks to explore the south Puget Sound by the power of their own physical strength and communal resolve. As they return to camp, they bring this sense of community and accomplishment as they continue to enjoy traditional programming and camp-wide projects. Two of the highlights of a high school session are the camper-led sundown reflection and camper-led campfire each night. Through these practices of independence and community, campers learn the power and beauty of their relationships with the world and people around them.


High School Trips
Grades 9-12
Session length:
8 nights

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High School Big Canoeing (Grades 9-12)
These adventure-seeking campers learn how to read tide tables and maps before planning both a goal destination and a "bail-out" option for each day. Under the leadership of qualified and experienced staff, the group works together to pack gear and food before heading out in a massive, 12-seater canoe for several days on the water. They learn more about their individual and communal strength, practice LNT camping practices for shelter-building, cooking, and exploring, and create their own style of play and adventure.
High School Backpacking (Grades 9-12)
Together with their experienced and highly qualified counselors, these adventurous teens pack their rucksacks and head to the woods seeking breathtaking Pacific Northwest views. They climb, they sing, they laugh, they form lifelong friendships and they learn just how incredibly capable they are. Backpacking locations vary from summer to summer, but past trips include the navigating the Olympic Rainforest and trekking through the Cascades.


Families with kids of all ages welcome!
Session length: 2 nights

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During family camp, families and friends have the opportunity to experience the true joy of communal living. By sharing simple, rustic cabins, parents and children help each other appreciate the simpler things in life – songs and stories before bed, a sunrise alarm clock, and the cool sting of the salt water during the morning lemming run.

Families enjoy traditional camp experiences like hiking, boating, arts and crafts, and campfire. The community can choose to explore the local area during a day trip, or pick blackberries for a pie contest. The adventures are theirs to seek!



Women 21+ welcome!
Session length: 2 nights

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During Women’s Camp, women over 21 are invited to spend a weekend reuniting with dear friends, making new ones, and communing with the beautiful waters, shore, and woods of the south Puget Sound.

Give yourself a break, and a chance to recharge. There will be time for relaxing, reading, crafting, walking on the beach, jogging or hiking in the woods, and exploring Case Inlet by canoe, kayak, or sailboat.


Men 21+ welcome!
Session length: 2 nights

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Men's Camp is a weekend on the shores of Case Inlet at Sunny Camp Gallagher! Our amazing boats are there to help you explore the gorgeous South Sound surroundings.

Meals will be provided and it will be a time to connect with new and old friends - play guitar, sleep, perfect your skipping stone technique, hike around, read a book - this is time for you to enjoy all that Gallagher has to offer! It's rustic. We like it that way. Must be 21 or over.