Gallagher Expeditions

Mt. Rainier Backpacking trip

About the expedition:

  • Where: Mt. Rainier National Park
  • When: July 19-27, 2018
  • Who: Grades 9-12 (co-ed)

Our crew of adventure-seeking high schoolers will set off from Camp Gallagher on a mission to explore one of the most stunning natural landscapes Washington has to offer: Mt. Rainier National Park. 

They'll spend their days hiking, shelter-building, singing camp songs and cooking over an open fire. Beginning backpackers are more than welcome, as daily mileage won’t be over five miles, and there won't be too much daily elevation gain. Views of the summit should be ever-present throughout the trip, making this one of our most scenic expeditions yet!


TBD April 2018

Day 1: Ipsut Creek (from Carbon River Entrance)
Day 2: Dick Creek
Day 3: Mystic Camp
Day 4: Granite Creek
Day 5: Picked up at Sunrise (at the Ranger station)

Day 1: Ipsut Creek (from Carbon River)
Day 2: Cataract Valley
Day 3: Eagles Roost
Day 4: Mowich lake
Day 5: Tolmie peak lookout (day hike)
Picked up at Mowich Lake

Image by Jeff (lawdawg1) via Flickr

Meet the Expedition leaders


Joe Lambright

Joe was raised in Seattle by parents who liked to use the term "character," and thus spent considerable time out in the woods.  It can not be determined whether or not any actual "character" was ever built, but what is for certain is that he loved almost every minute of his time outside, and those minutes he didn't love he loved talking about at a later date.  Most of his favorite adventures (outside of Gallagher) have taken place in the North Cascades and Mt. Rainier, where he once spent a portion of the summer on a backcountry trail repair crew.  Recently he's set his sights abroad, last year backpacking across Cuba.  Be careful if you ask him about it, once you get him started he wont stop talking about it.

When he's not running to the hills, Joe can be found coaching cross country and track with his co-expedition leader Sophie at Holy Names Academy in Seattle.  In addition, he works as a youth counselor at Youthcare's Orion Center, is pursuing a Master's in Teaching at Seattle University, and can eat seven Saltine crackers in under a minute.


Sophie Hummer

Sophie is an avid hiker. She goes to school at Seattle Pacific and will graduate with a BA in Math next year. She loves the outdoors; swimming, hiking, and running are her favorite. Sophie has experience with varied terrain and varied abilities in hiking.

She is always over-prepared and just finished an Outdoor Survival class which has given her refined insights on backpacking skills. It is her third year working at Gallagher and she has mastered her friendship bracelet making skills.