Why Gallagher?

It's not just any summer camp...

Gallagher is different. These campers, staff and parents sum it up nicely:


"Camp Gallagher is summer stripped down to its purest form — water, trees, sunshine, friendships, freedom, adventure. That's all you need. It's timeless."
— Elizabeth, Camper
"Gallagher brings out the best version of yourself. It's not about image; it's about self-discovery. It's an environment where teenagers are free to express themselves, share their stories, live in community and bask in the joy of a truly spectacular natural setting." 
— Barbie, Lodge Leader
"Gallagher is a warm and accepting place for children of all abilities and backgrounds. My daughter came back with a newfound respect for herself, others and the environment."
— Megan, Parent
"What I love about Gallagher is the freedom campers have. Our counselors were there to supervise and make sure we were safe, but a lot of what we did at camp was up to us. We voted on when to wake up each morning, we organized theme night, we led songs at campfire  — we owned our experience."
— Willem, Camper
"Gallagher is FUN. So much fun. Every summer my kids would come back with amazing stories  building a giant raft, outdoor dance parties under the stars, canoeing to McMicken Island for a campwide game of styx    it made me wish I was a high schooler again!"
— Nancy, Parent


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