Camp Gallagher Winter Fund Drive!

Our goal for this fund drive is to get recurring monthly donations to pay for the ongoing costs of running camp.

About the fund drive


Why support Camp Gallagher?

We know there are a ton of worthy causes that you can support, but here are a few reasons why we think Camp Gallagher deserves your generosity:
  • Camp Gallagher changes lives. In a world of social media and video games, it gives today's teenagers the opportunity to live in the moment and be 100% themselves. It makes them happy - truly happy. Just one session of Gallagher provides the confidence and self-esteem needed to last the entire school year.
  • We want EVERYONE to experience the joys of camp. Diversity is important to us. Everyone is welcome at Gallagher, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation and financial status. Last year 43% of our campers received financial assistance, many of them on full scholarships. Your donations allow us to reach out to underprivileged and vulnerable communities and provide scholarships when needed.
  • We're a brand new nonprofit in our second year of operation. Although last summer was a huge success, these are still early days. Your donations allow us to make essential purchases that are crucial to the continutation of our camping program.
  • Why monthly?

    We're specifically focusing on monthly donations during this fund drive because a regular monthly income will help us plan! Knowing how much money we have to work with allows us to set a budget and determine ambitious-yet-realistic goals. In addition to helping pay for ongoing costs (staffing, maintenence, marketing, camper scholarships etc.), we'll be able to dream up exciting new experiences for our campers.

    How will the money be spent?

    Your recurring monthly donation will go toward the general cost of running camp. This includes:
  • Programming (e.g. craft supplies, materials for the health hut)
  • Camper scholarships
  • Essential maintenence and equipment (e.g. boat repairs)
  • Staffing costs
  • Marketing (e.g. printing flyers)
  • I thought I was already giving monthly?

    If you were previously a monthly donor to Camp Gallagher - thank you! We recently switched our online donation software to help us better manage our fundraising efforts. Your monthly donation was cancelled during this process and we would LOVE it if you would re-signup as a monthly donor during our winter fund drive.

    'Thank you' gifts



    Donate $25 per month and receive a stainless steel Camp Gallagher camping mug. 



    Donate $50 per month and receive a stainless steel camping mug and a super soft Gallagher beach towel. 



    Donate $75 per month and receive a stainless steel camping mug, a super soft beach towel and retro Camp Gallagher tube socks.



    Donate $100 per month and receive a stainless steel camping mug, beach towel, retro tube socks and a Camp Gallagher roll-and-carry fleece blanket.


    Donate $200 per month and receive a stainless steel camping mug, beach towel, retro tube socks, roll-and-carry fleece blanket and a Camp Gallagher camping chair with beverage holder.