Situated on the sunny shores of Case Inlet, in the south Puget Sound, Camp Gallagher is one of the most beautiful summer camps in the world.  It's a place where middle schoolers and high schoolers can embrace nature, friendship, adventure and stewardship in a truly spectacular setting.

Away from the fast-paced world of homework, cell phones and social media, Camp Gallagher offers teens a much-needed connection to each other and their natural environment. 

Love Summer. Love Gallagher.

Gallagher at a glance

By Land


CRAFTS - Get creative with help from our craft specialist and many fantastic craft supplies. We encourage campers to create a unique craft for a fellow camper in our end-of-session potlatch ceremony.  


GAMES - Gals vs. Guys? Campers vs. Staff? It's on! We take 'Capture the Flag' to a new level with our beach version of the game: Styx. And don't forget about the most beloved Gallagher pastime of all, kickball before sundown. 

THEMES - Each session of Camp Gallagher centers around a theme, culminating in an exciting 'theme night' at the end of the session. Past theme nights include a Gallagher Circus, a Haunted Halloween in July, Casino Night and Gallagher Prom Night. 

SUNDOWN - The most iconic Gallagher tradition of all, Sundown is a chance for campers to gather, sing songs, share their thoughts with each other and bask in the unparalleled beauty of the Camp Gallagher sunset. 


CAMPFIRE - What's camping without a real, roaring campfire? We end every night (other than 'theme night') with a campfire on the beach. Campers lead songs, from feet-stompin' favorites like 'Flea' to softer tunes like 'Ripple'  played on the acoustic guitar. 


By Sea

CANOEING - Navigating the Puget Sound by canoe is a fantastic way to take in the area's natural beauty, bond with fellow campers and travel to charming overnight spots on neighboring shores. 


SAILING - Sailing has a big role at Camp Gallagher, with campers navigating the waterfront on small Sunfish, larger sailboats and even building their own rafts with tarp sails!

KAYAKING - Whether you're heading out for a picnic lunch or a two-night overnight, kayaks are a pretty spectacular way to travel (not to mention a great way to buff up those biceps). Just don't forget the sunscreen!


SWIMMING - It may be chilly, it may be salty, but there's nothing quite as refreshing as a swim in the Puget Sound. From early-morning lemming runs to afternoon wading, campers are invited to enjoy the sparkling Gallagher waters under the supervision of our lifeguards. 

OVERNIGHTS - Explore the Puget Sound like Peter Puget! For one or two nights, we set course for campsites across the south Puget Sound, sleeping under the stars and cooking meals over an open campfire. 



For all of our campers, Gallagher is a welcome refuge from the distractions of daily life. No cell phones. No computers. No TV. It gives them a rare chance to unplug while at the same time giving their active brains the adventure they crave. This can be particularly true for campers with ADHD. Although Camp Gallagher doesn't specialize in ADHD, we've heard from parents that Gallagher can be especially beneficial for campers with ADHD. 

The magic of Camp Gallagher stays with campers long after the session ends. They take the inner peace and confidence they gain at Gallagher with them into the school year. The thought of next summer's adventures lifts their spirits during homework-heavy weeks and motivates them to stay on track.

If you're looking for a summer camp for your teen with ADHD, Camp Gallagher is a great choice.