Gallagher Expeditions is our roaming camp, designed for campers who just can’t stay still. Using Camp Gallagher as their base, these adventurous teens set off by land and sea, exploring the great Pacific Northwest wilderness and making camp in a new spot each night. They climb, they paddle, they sing, they laugh, they form lifelong friendships and they discover just how much they’re capable of when working together.


Roaming the Pacific Northwest

Although certainly more hard core than our Classic Camp, each of our Gallagher Expeditions is designed with the beginning adventurer in mind. Whether paddling Puget Sound on big canoe or hiking the wilds of Mount Rainier National Park, our itineraries offer a balance of challenging feats designed to nudge campers out of their comfort zones, while also allowing more than enough time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors.

2019 Expeditions

High School Sailing

There’s nothing quite like navigating the sparkling South Sound by sailboat. This expedition will take campers through some of the most picturesque waterways in the state. Under the expert tutelage of their counselors, campers will sail from sleepy harbour towns to rustic wilderness campsites, taking in the stunning scenery along the way. They’ll learn the foundations of sailing, the importance of reading tide books, and the value of teamwork. Most importantly, they’ll embrace the moment and re-discover how to have fun without relying on the instant-gratification of modern technology.

Middle School Big Canoe

These adventure-seeking campers learn how to read tide tables and maps before planning both a goal destination and a "bail-out" option for each day. Under the leadership of qualified and experienced staff, the group works together to pack gear and food before heading out in a massive, 12-seater canoe for several days on the water. They learn more about their individual and communal strength, practice LNT camping practices for shelter-building, cooking, and exploring, and create their own style of play and adventure.

High School Backpacking

Together with their experienced and highly qualified counselors, these adventurous teens pack their rucksacks and head to the woods seeking breathtaking Pacific Northwest views. They climb, they sing, they laugh, they form lifelong friendships and they learn just how incredibly capable they are. Backpacking locations vary from summer to summer, but past trips include the navigating the Olympic Rainforest and trekking through the Cascades.

2019 Dates & Rates


  • High School Sailing Expedition – June 28 - July 6

  • Middle School Big Canoe Expedition – July 10 - July 15

  • High School Backpacking Expedition – July 20 - July 28


  • High School Sailing Expedition – $965

  • Middle School Big Canoe Expedition – $537

  • High School Backpacking Expedition – $1150

Costs include sales tax.

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