Camp Gallagher, a place for discovery and adventure, provides opportunities for personal growth in a safe environment through challenge and exploration on land and water, giving campers improved self-confidence, life-long friendships, and an appreciation of their environment. 


Gallagher is a place where campers live in simplicity and community, discovering and exploring the environment around them.



Campers will:
Embrace and observe the beauty of the world that surrounds them. Gain self-esteem by learning new skills in cooperation with others.  Build confidence through group activities such as the challenge and ropes course and overnight adventures.  Show courage by sharing ideas and taking risks to challenge themselves and others to push beyond their comfort level to learn and explore.  Unwind and unplug while living each day from sun-up to sundown. Be empowered when learning to do something they never thought they could.  Observe how the moon affects the ebb and flow of the tides.  Learn competence in new situations.   Gain an appreciation of the out-of-doors through experiences in the forest and on the beach.


Campers will:
Persevere and problem solve. Build: sand castles, forts in the woods and campfires, meals.  Keep an open mind and listen to other ideas. Develop friendships and lasting memories while sharing daily experiences with friends. Create community while playing, boating and spending time on overnights cooking with their lodge.  Nurture creativity, curiosity and critical thinking while planning daily activities. Foster an environment that will show others social responsibility while living in a community.


Campers will:
Gain respect for the environment and learn how they impact the land they live on.  Gain navigation and water safety skills during two or three day overnights while sailing, canoeing or kayaking in the south Puget Sound. Play wide games and strategize with their fellow team members.  Hike in a pristine, yet rustic outdoor setting on South Puget Sound.  Acquire boating skills while kayaking and canoeing on the south Puget Sound. Learn to be resourceful and grow and stretch as they tackle and problem solve new situations.


Campers will:
Share, reflect and build new friendships while telling stories and singing songs at sundown and campfire at the end of each day.  Care for others and discover their personal strengths.  Respect others and the environment and gain an understanding of their impact upon the land they live on.  Share ideas and work together to create community.