For members of our community who are currently too old to be campers, yet too young to be staff, our Leadership Development Program (LDP) is an amazing opportunity to experience the joys of summer camp while gaining leadership skills and valuable experience in the field of youth development. 


The large-scale goals and outcomes for the  Leadership Development Program mirror the goals of the traditional camper experience: you will discover, create, explore, and care. These goals, however, will be pursued in the context of service to camp and campers.

You will:

  • learn about the developmental and safety considerations of various program elements.

  • participate in the brainstorming and creation processes staff go through when designing lodge experiences, themes, games, overnights and much more.

  • explore your leadership strengths and stretches in the context of community-living and the collaborative endeavor of camp programming.

  • care about the campers, place, equipment, and future of the program.


About the program


To qualify for our Leadership Development Program, you must have at least one year experience as a Camp Gallagher camper and must also have completed your senior year of high school.

Big Canoe Training Expedition

Before working with campers, you will participate in a dedicated big canoe training expedition that introduces you to many of the topics and practices involved in our regular staff training.


You will receive training, mentorship, and evaluation from the on-site LDP coordinator. This coordinator has many years of experience in a wide-variety of camp roles and works directly with the summer camp director and staff to build an integrated leadership experience.


Once campers arrive in camp, you will rotate through lodge and program area assignments to learn strategies and best practices in regards to both program-specific skills and working with the campers themselves. You will have the chance to bring your favorite parts of camp to life for new campers by leading songs at campfire, participating in sundown, playing wide games, and embracing creative and spontaneous programming.


Throughout your experience, your cohort will also spend some dedicated time as a small group with your supervisor to reflect on your leadership and brainstorm new ideas or solutions to challenges. By the end of your experience, you'll have gained a new appreciation for the camping experience and community, confidence in your leadership and camp-specific skills, and a passion for continued growth and learning.

2019 Dates and Rates

Participants will attend the following two sessions:

  • Big Canoe Orientation Expedition – August 5-10

  • Classic Camp Session 5 – August 11-18

Rates: $940

Costs include sales tax.

After you apply, we’ll email you to let you know if you’ve been accepted into the program and send you more information on how to officially register.

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