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Do you know your Camp Gallagher lingo? Refresh your memory with our guide to key Gallagher terms and slang.

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Anderson Island - The island located south of camp off the tip of the Key Peninsula. Camp on the beach, walk to the old school house and the great swimming lake. 

BIFFY - Bathroom In the Forest For You. Also known as pit toilets. Close the lid to keep the smells going up and out the pipes.  

Blackberry Days - Festival in August when the blackberries are ripe. Includes picking contest, bake-off, crafting, and other blackberry themed events. 

Campfire - our nightly gathering around a roaring campfire. Songs start loud and fast, then gradually wind down with softer, slower tunes. 

Case Inlet - the waters that lap the shores of Camp Gallagher

Crabicures - allowing the little crabs to take care of your feet.

Calawah - the yurt

Dana's - Dana Passage, which is located at the south end of Hartstine Island. 

Details - camp chores. When someone uses the word details, the details song must be sung. Same goes for “announcements.”

Dooring - duct taping cardboard over door flaps for a prank

Dosewallips - two cabins at the base of the shore hill

Duckabush - cabin at the top of the shore hill

Dungeness -  first two cabins on the lagoon hill

Elwha - staff cabin

Expeditions - Our roaming camp! Campers spend all but the first and last day off camp grounds, exploring the Puget Sound region by land and sea. 

Freako Butter - peanut butter, honey, and powdered milk balls.

Giant Jenga - self explanatory

Haley Brown - Overnight spot north of camp named after a song written by a former Gallagher lodge leader. 

Hama Hama - Small dock thing that overhangs the erosion/rocks. Many staff hang hammocks here or sleep here.

H(2)OT Box - The wood stove originally used to heat the water in the Romanelli Shower House; the operation of this relic required constant tinkering and maintenance in order to consistently produce hot, but not scalding, water.

Hartstine Island - The large piece of land you stare at from Camp.

Herron Island - the island just north of Camp

Hope Island - located south around Hartstine and west past Squaxin Island. The whole island is a state park

Hurricane Ridge - the kitchen

Huny - container on South Prop

In The Bay - Chanted when someone needs to go in the bay. For example, after losing a bet, after getting caught in a prank, after getting too much mail. (with the caveat that Camp Gallagher is a Challenge by Choice community, so if you really don't want, just make it clear)

Jumper - Person selected to jump up and get their table's food at meals, and return dirty dishes at the end. Selected by a rule chosen by the stewards for that meal (e.g. person with an upside down fork)

Key Peninsula - the peninsula on which Camp is located

Leftovers - After the final campfire of the session, everyone heads to Hurricane Ridge (kitchen) to eat as much of the session's leftover food as possible. It's a smorgasboard. 

Lemming Run- running in and dunking or diving into the Sound with a group of people holding hands. Can take place any time, but most often is called a Lemming Run when it is done in the wee morning hours or other foolish or inappropriate times. 

Leroy's - Domed M*A*S*H* looking building across the road from the lagoon hill cabins

Lilliwaup - old shelter on the shore hill, now is a free standing fireplace, but it shall return to its former glory

McMicken Island - the tiny island located west of Camp (hard to spot)

McNeil Island - North of Anderson Island - the entire island is government owned. DO not land there. 

Muddy Buddies  - Chex cereal covered I. melted chocolate and peanut butter and tossed in powdered sugar. The perfect overnight dessert.

Mud gushing - Going running, romping, playing, splashing, throwing, dunking in the lagoon.

Overnight - A mid-session trip with your lodge to stay overnight at one or more campsites somewhere on the Puget Sound. These water-based trips build lodge unity and core muscles.

Quilcene - Two cabins nearest the biffy on the lagoon hill.

Ranger - An individual responsible for fixing, building, and maintaining all camp facilities; often ornery in temperament and elusive in nature.

Romanelli - one name for the shower house. (named after the esteemed designer)

Ropes/Challenge Course - a 10 minute hike from main camp up into the wilds of Camp Gallagher where rope, wood, and wire low elements challenge groups to problem solve, learn about each, and form bonds.

Ross's Place - tent nearest the lagoon (used to be the director tent. The sign lost part of the B in boss' tent)

Sauna - Just kidding! Sort of. If you want one, make one on the beach with tarps and hot rocks from the camp fire.

Saving Private Ryan - A camp-wide game wherein a water-based team storms the beach attempting to rescue an object representing "Private Ryan" and return the captured prisoner to the dock, while the land team tries to protect their captive at all cost. All players wear life jackets due to the aquatic portion of the playing field and as protection from thrown ammunition (duct taped fir cones).

Sequim - the dining hall

Siesta - When everyone takes a break from interacting with each other. Thank goodness. 

Skokomish aka "Skoko" - two cabins on the left side of the shore hill

South Prop - the south end of the camp property. Get there by following the road past Hurricane Ridge

South Prop Drop - enjoying the facilities on the South Prop

Spatulate - using a spatula to wipe plates before washing

Spatulator - the person who spatulates the plates before washing

Stewards  - The lodge responsible for setting the tables for a meal

Sticks (Stealing Sticks) - A variation of "capture the flag" played on the beach at low tide; two equal teams compete to move all of the "sticks" to their own team's side of the playing field.

Sundown - the celebration of the day that takes place at the setting of the sun in which “Hurry Down Sundown” and other songs are sung and campers and staff have a chance to share heartfelt thoughts- important moments, growth, thanks, etc.

Surf ‘n’ Turf - A common (and surprisingly delicious) delicacy consumed on overnights consisting of pepperoni, cream cheese, and goldfish.

Swamp  - Wetland along the road behind Hurricane Ridge. Home to a a number of microorganisms, insects, ducks, herons and Nessie.

Theme Night - A party held once a session that usually correlates with the session's theme. For example, if the theme is 'holidays,' the Theme Night might be a Halloween party. But sometimes theme night is totally random, like Gallagher Prom or Gallagher Circus. 

Tidy Totem - The trophy awarded to the cleanest lodge as determined during the cabin inspections which take place at the end of siesta.

Tin Cup Regatta - Using any materials found around camp to create a sea-worthy vessel, and then racing in Case Inlet. Must complete the race with some part of the ship above water. 

Tex - container behind Hurricane Ridge

Wa wa wakikaya - Camp cheer meaning "good, good, very good" used instead of clapping. Said at the end of songs, important speeches (i.e. after State of the Camp Address), and other cool moments. 

Willatuk - Puget Sound and Lake Washington sea monster spotted since the 1700s. Named after the ancient god of the sea.


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