Parent Portal

Welcome, Gallagher parents! This page contains everything you need to know about your child's upcoming session at Camp Gallagher, including important forms for you to complete before your child arrives at camp. 

'To Do' List

Complete important pre-camp forms and upload them to your ACTIVE account profile


Pay your remaining balance via your ACTIVE account profile. If have any remaining balance owed two weeks prior to the session start date, your card will automatically be charged that amount.



Download our suggested packing list so you know what to bring (and what to leave behind). 



Read through the following  important information about your child's experience at Camp Gallagher. 

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Open House

We invite you to visit Gallagher on Sunday, June 24th from 2-4pm to tour camp and meet our staff. Your family will enjoy it and your child will benefit from it! No RSVP is required.

Balance of Fee

Remember, the balance of your fee must be paid no later than two weeks before camp. No camp fees will be accepted at camp.

If an emergency makes it impossible to pay before this time, please notify the office more than two weeks prior to the session start date so that we can ensure your card is not automatically charged the remaining balance.

Sign into your ACTIVE account to pay the balance online. Your card will be charged automatically for any remaining balance owed two weeks prior to the session start date.

Health History, Medications and Wellness

We need a Camper Health History form for every camper that attends a program this summer. Please complete this form and upload it to your ACTIVE account page prior to the start of camp.NOTE: Campers without a completed health form are not eligble to participate in camp activities. It is very important that you complete the Camper Health History form prior to the camper's arrival at camp.

If the camper is bringing medications, they must be in their original containers with prescription and/or store label. All medication is kept and dispensed by the nurse.

Please help us keep camp a healthy place. If your child shows signs of illness (fever, coughing, sore throat or vomiting) in the 72 hours before your session starts, keep your child home and contact camp for advisement.

We take many steps to encourage healthy group living while at camp, including frequent hand washing, use of hand sanitizer, regular cleaning of common spaces and disinfection of living spaces between sessions.

Packing for Camp

Packing for camp is fun for your child and for you!Please remember to label your child’s belongings!

We believe that summer camp is one of the few environments where children can truly be ‘unplugged’ from technology. Unplugging helps kids develop face-to-face social skills and authentic personal relationships while at camp. Having a cell phone at camp will most likely prevent your camper from enjoying the full camp experience. Please help us provide this experience for your child by leaving cell phones and other screens/internet capable devices at home.

Lost & Found

Items will be taken to the Camp Gallagher Office one week after the closing day of camp and held until September 1st. PLEASE MARK EVERYTHING BROUGHT TO CAMP WITH YOUR CAMPER’S NAME.

Transportation / Directions to Camp

Parents of resident campers furnish transportation to and from camp unless they have elected bus transportation from Seattle or Tacoma.

Click here to download driving directions to Camp Gallagher.

Arrival/Departure Times (Bus & Car)

Private Transportation
Arrival time: 10:00 to 11:00 AM
Departure time: 10:00 AM

Bus Transportation

  • SEATTLE: Jefferson Community Center, Beacon Hill (north end of the parking lot near golf range)

    • Departure to camp: 9:00 AM
    • Arrival from camp: 12:00 PM

  • TACOMA: Bellarmine Preparatory (2300 S Washington, Tacoma, WA 98405)

    • Departure to camp: 10:00 AM
    • Arrival from camp: 11:00 AM

Swim Check

All campers will be tested for swimming skills by the waterfront staff, and then placed in the swimming level that will result in the greatest benefits to the camper.

Sending Mail to Your Camper

We encourage you to send mail to your child during the camp session. Especially for newer campers, mail is reassuring and fun to receive. Please keep notes cheerful and encouraging, and focus on activities at camp. Mail is delivered each full day at rest hour. We encourage you to send postal mail.

When sending USPS mail to camp, please address it to:
“Camper Name”
Camp Gallagher
PO Box 67
Lakebay, WA 98349

No Cell Phones, please

Outside of camp, you may be used to contacting your child by cell phone. At camp, we have a “no cell phone” policy.

Aside from being expensive, and easy to break or get stolen, cell phones may prevent us from helping campers settle into camp, since they may try to talk to you instead of our staff. When kids come to camp, they – and you – are allowing our staff to be their primary caretakers. This is a great act of faith for a parent, and we intend to earn and keep that trust. Sending a cell phone is akin to saying to your child that you haven’t come to peace with them being in our care. It also prevents them from truly settling into the special world we create at camp.

We work diligently to partner with parents. Should your child have a challenge adjusting to camp, we will call you to explain the situation and request your advice. You can help by talking with your child before camp and telling them that there is always someone to whom they can reach out, whether it’s the counselor, an activity leader, nurse or even the director. We specifically introduce campers to many staff on the first day, to help them feel comfortable. We appreciate your assistance!

Communication After Camp

We take the safety and well-being of our campers seriously. During camp, we emphasize safety and respect in all our activities. After camp, even though campers are not under our supervision, we remain concerned about their safety. Because campers now use the Internet, cell phones, and text messaging, we appeal to you as parents and guardians to help us maintain a safe environment for your child.

Please review these details; we hope you will share them with your camper, too.

    Campers and Social Networking Sites
    Social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and other communication between campers can be a positive extension of the camp experience. When used responsibly, these sites are great places to exchange camp stories and keep in touch with friends.

    Since we emphasize positive and respectful communication at camp, we ask that campers continue to be positive and respectful in their correspondence. This includes using appropriate language and always acting in a non-threatening manner. If the rare circumstance arises that your child receives a threatening message and you suspect the sender is a fellow camper, please contact camp administration immediately.
    Contacting Staff After Camp
    Campers often develop positive mentor relationships with camp staff, and may want to keep in touch after summer. We have set up a communication format that benefits and protects both campers and seasonal staff. Here’s how it works: If your child would like to contact a staff member, please help them write a letter to that person, and mail it our Seattle Office - PO Box 24103, Seattle, WA 98124. We’ll forward the letter to the staff member, and encourage them to write back.

    Staff responses are mailed to camp, and then forwarded to you. This system keeps communication linked to camp after both campers and staff are no longer on-site. It also encourages campers to write letters – a skill we feel is important for kids to practice.

    We ask seasonal staff to not communicate with campers via the Internet, phone, or in person, since this is not monitored by camp. Please help us support this policy, for the security of both your child and our staff members. Summer camp is a special experience, and these measures keep it that way all year.