Check it out - our brand new vertical playpen!

We're thrilled to introduce you all to Camp Gallagher's latest attraction, a vertical playpen suspended high among the evergreens, just up the hill from main camp. 


The new high ropes element at Camp Gallagher.


See ya later, comfort zone. 

Once harnessed and helmeted, campers are belayed from the ground by our certified challenge course staff specialist. They're challenged to climb all the way up to the top of the playpen, pull themselves through the box, and then sit on top of it to take in the view!

Climbing to the top of the playpen isn't always the goal, however. Different campers find themselves challenged by very different things depending on their level of skill and comfort with heights. The playpen is also a team-building element, designed for three people to climb at once. Although some kids are able to climb to the top by themselves, it is much easier and more fulfilling if they work together to make it to the top as a team.

Ultimately, the high ropes element challenges campers to break out of their comfort zones and do something they haven't before. It's quite the confidence-booster!

It's here because of YOU! 👏


The playpen during construction, Summer 2017


Donations from our incredible community, especially those from our annual Gallagher Gala, played a major part in funding this project. This is a perfect example of how your contributions don't only go toward maintaining camp, but also toward improving it so that we can continue to attract new campers every summer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We're also grateful Dave and Megan Wellings for coordinating the project, and to Aerial Designs, the Seattle-based company that constructed the playpen. 

Summer 2018 is going to be our first full summer with the element and we're looking forward to getting a lot of campers on it this year! 

Give your kid the opportunity to try our vertical playpen, and much more, during a session at Camp Gallagher. 

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