My Gallagher Experience: Juan

Read our Q&A with camper Juan below.

Juan’s Gallagher Experience


Year(s) that you attended Gallagher

 2017 and 2018

What session(s)?

2nd session for both years, and 3rd also in 2018

What lodges have you been in?

Quilcene and Dungeness

Who were your lodge leaders?

Matt, Colin, Haley

Favorite camp meal


Favorite Camp Gallagher tradition:

The potlatch event

Favorite overnight spot:

Key Peninsula

Favorite camp song: 

Sweet Home Gallagher

Favorite camp craft

My beach frame—a frame made out of beach items.

What do you think makes Gallagher special? How is it different than other camps?

Gallagher has that comforting moment when you realize that the people around you are having just as much fun as you are! The staff has the ability to make you smile at all times, they not only work there but they are a part of the camp that makes it that much more special.

Was Camp Gallagher different than you expected?

It was smaller in size. Other camps seem to be packed to the brim, but this camp is perfect in size!

Finish this thought: “Camp Gallagher is…”

Calming, with lots of warm sun!

Tell us about one camp experience that sticks out as particularly memorable.

The time we built a makeshift sailboat out of tarps and rope and two boats! And it worked out great! Too bad there was no wind that week :/