My Gallagher Experience: Natalie

Read our Q&A with camper Natalie below.

Natalie’s Gallagher Experience

Year(s) that you’ve attended Gallagher: 

2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

What session(s)?

2, 2, 3, 2

What lodges have you been in?

Dosewallips, Skoko, Duckabush, Duckabush

Who were your lodge leaders?

Donny, Sarah, Ali, Tierney, Hannah, Stephanie, Kate

Favorite camp meal: 


Favorite Camp Gallagher tradition: 

Lemming runs

Favorite overnight spot: 

Anderson Island

Favorite camp song: 

Sundown song

Favorite camp craft: 

Tie dye

What do you think makes Gallagher special? How is it different than other camps?

Gallagher gives the campers lots of freedom to choose activities. Everyone is hilarious and fun-loving. Staff is so welcoming and always down for anything. The community is very family-like. I’ve made lasting and deep friendships at Camp Gallagher.

Was Camp Gallagher different than you expected?

Yes, it completely exceeded my expectations of a basic summer camp and I had more fun than I ever thought was possible in 9 days.

Finish this thought: "Camp Gallagher is..."

…so important to me and has helped me grow as an individual and find confidence in myself. I’m a different person after having attended camp. It’s always the highlight of my summer.

Tell us about a camp experience that sticks out as particularly memorable.

My cabin and I floated down a little stream on Anderson Island with our life jackets while holding onto each other’s feet like a train. We were laughing so hard because of how ridiculous we thought we looked.

My cabin and I painted the bridge in front of the Duckabush lodge in bright colors and we included our handprints as well as many of our inside jokes.


Camp Gallagher is an overnight summer camp for middle schoolers and high schoolers.

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