Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Camp Gallagher located?

Sunny Camp Gallagher is located on the south Puget Sound near the small town of Lakebay, Washington. It's situated on Case Inlet, about an hour and a half south of Seattle.

Who operates Camp Gallagher?

Camp Gallagher is managed and operated by the Friends of Camp Gallagher nonprofit, a non-religous, community-based organization dedicated to providing a fantastic camping experience at one of the world's most beautiful summer camps.

What age group does Camp Gallagher serve?

Camp Gallagher summer camp is available to middle schoolers, grades 6-8, and high schoolers, grades 9-12.

We also offer family camp for kids of all ages and their parents.

Is there transportation to and from camp?

We offer bus transport from Seattle and Tacoma. Check out our Parent Portal for this year's transportation fees and pickup/drop-off schedule.

Is Camp Gallagher affiliated with a religion?

No. Camp Gallagher does not hold any religious affiliation. It operates based on sound research-based youth development practice.

Does Camp Gallagher cater to teens with ADD / ADHD?

While we don't call ourselves an "ADD / ADHD Camp," there's no doubt that teens with ADD and ADHD greatly benefit from a session at Gallagher. Many of our campers have ADD or ADHD and find Gallagher to be a perfect refuge from the distractions of daily life.

Away from computer screens and smartphones, campers are able to put their active brains to good use -- paddling to an overnight spot, organizing a night hike, playing kickball at sunset, etc. Gallagher provides an ideal blend of exciting activities and quiet reflection, a combintation particularly suited for those with ADD or ADHD.

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What is Camp Gallagher's policy on LGBTQ campers?

Camp Gallagher is welcome to everyone. We respect ALL campers, regardless of gender/gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical differences, religion and socio-economic status. Our policy of non-discrimination is addressed in our hiring processes, during staff training and in the way we demand that our campers respect all of their fellow campmates.

Most Camp Gallagher sessions are co-ed, with campers separated into lodges by gender. Based on our policy of non-discrimination, a lodge may include campers who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth, as well as transgender campers. If you have any questions about our policy on transgender campers, please contact us at

What accreditations does Camp Gallagher have?

Camp Gallagher is an accredited camp of the American Camping Association (ACA).

How much does it cost to attend Camp Gallagher?

Camping rates vary depending on the year and the specific camping program. Financial Assistance is also available.

>> Visit our Date & Rates page for this year's fees

For more specific information on camp logistics and policies, visit our Parent Info page.

More questions? Call us toll free on 888-658-2230.